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The smartphone has gone beyond use for talking on the phone, browsing the internet, and playing Cut the Rope—it is indispensable in our daily work lives. According to a Google Report, 56% of the population uses smartphones, and 82% of these users multitask while doing other activities. Many common workplace activities are in the palm of your hand. You can send emails, post on social media sites, message co-workers, take notes, and more. Then, your company can gain a competitive edge by raising the productivity and collaboration of employees away from the workplace.

What types of smartphone apps are available for business use?

There is a plethora of smartphone apps available to use for business. Some apps listed below even take advantage of the GPS, camera, and audio recognition features available on most smartphones. Here are a few of the more popular candidates:

  • File Access: Box will allow you to store your company data online and access the information from anywhere. Also, Evernote is handy for saving notes, web pages, files, images, and audio.
  • Communication: Microsoft Outlook has a smartphone app available for providing access to your work email account. Also, you can run your internet phone, messaging, and video meetings with Microsoft Teams.
  • Document Editing: Microsoft has mobile versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint available. DocuSign will allow you to send, sign, and save documents from anywhere on your device. With Scan2PDF mobile, you can snap a photo of your contracts and receipts, and then convert the image to a PDF. Furthermore, TextGrabber is a convenient way of collecting your research from magazines and books. Snap a photo of your text and it will transcribe into a digital format.
  • Financial: Need to access your business’ QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Sage accounts to record sales and send an invoice? There is an app available. Also, you can accept credit card payments with Square by swiping your customer’s card through the reader that plugs into your smartphone.
  • Security: provides safe storage for your business passwords on your mobile device. Lost your phone? WaveSecure will allow you to lock your smartphone, track your SIM card, and back up your data.
  • Maps: Need directions to a potential client’s business? Waze will give you directions and real-time traffic alerts. Google Maps is another option, as it will provide voice-guided GPS navigation and street view images for your destination.
  • Social Business: Research and connect with your business contacts with the LinkedIn app. Also, Here for Business will investigate your LinkedIn contacts and notify you when they are near.

Some businesses may find it necessary to build a mobile version of an existing in-house application. SwiftTech Solutions can help your business select mobile applications and even plan your own to suit your business needs. For more information, you can call SwiftTech Solutions at 877-794-3811 or email for a free consultation.

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