Cybersecurity2022 human factor report explores a year of headline making attacks

In the latest edition of The Human Factor Report, Proofpoint explores security trends and data from a year of headline-making attacks. The report examines the current landscape of cyber security threats and highlights some of the key attacks that occurred throughout 2022.

The report includes an in-depth analysis of the most prevalent attack vectors, such as ransomware and phishing campaigns. Also, it looks at emerging threats like deepfakes and supply chain attacks that organizations must be prepared to face in the coming year.

In addition to an overview of the cyber security trends, The Human Factor Report dives into mitigation strategies and best practices for companies to protect themselves against these threats. Organizations can take advantage of this valuable resource to assess their current risk posture and create a comprehensive security plan for the next year.

The Following are Significant Results from the 2022 Human Factor Report

  1. The research showed more than 20 million messages were sent out to deliver malware linked with an eventual ransomware attack.
  2. More than 80% of businesses experienced an attack by a compromised supplier account.
  3. Every day, attackers try approximately 100,000 phone-based attacks.
  4. In the US, the number of SMS-based phishing attempts increased by 2x annually.
  5. Managers and executives make up only 10% of users, but almost 50% of the most severe attack risk in our data.

How to Stay Safe in the Next Year

The Human Factor Report outlines the importance of developing a comprehensive security plan and staying ahead of emerging threats to protect organizations from cyber-attacks. Companies should regularly review their current risk posture, implement multi-factor authentication, prioritize patching, and update security policies as needed. Additionally, organizations must educate their employees about the risks associated with online activities and provide them with the tools they need to stay secure. Finally, having a reliable partner that you can count on to monitor your network and keep up with evolving threats is critical for defending against malicious actors throughout the next year.


The 2022 Human Factor Report provides valuable insight into the current cybersecurity landscape and highlights some of the biggest threats organizations need to be aware of. By taking proactive steps to protect their data, organizations can stay ahead of malicious actors and mitigate potential risks.

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