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Computer privacy screens, also called computer privacy filters, are one of the best tools available to ensure privacy against onlookers. Computer privacy screens are exactly what they sound like, screens that overlay your computer screen and prevent anyone not directly in front of it from seeing what is on it. When trying to look at the computer from the side, you will see a distorted or blacked-out version of what the main viewer will see. It is also easy to transport because it is just a thin piece of plastic. People typically use them with computers, but they can also use them on mobile devices.

What are the benefits of using a computer privacy screen?

  • Data Privacy: One main benefit of a computer privacy screen is it allows you to keep your important data private. Depending on your job duties, this can be of the utmost importance. Anyone can visually hack devices and steal client information, account passwords, and confidential notes. However, with the use of a privacy screen, the chances drop tremendously. If you are at a coffee shop trying to finish your work, you will not have to worry about someone coming up beside you and reading your computer. If you are a doctor, you do not have to worry about someone seeing information they do not have permission to see. Still, you must watch for anyone standing directly behind you, but it shields the other angles.
  • Glare Protection: A great benefit of using a computer privacy screen is it protects your eyes against computer monitor glare. The filter offers UV and glare protection plus eliminates blue light exposure by up to 30%. With less harmful light hitting your eyes, you will squint less, and your eyes can relax while working. Reduced artificial light exposure can also improve your sleep quality. Furthermore, many people spend up to eight hours a day staring at a computer screen. A computer privacy screen can lessen the damage caused to your eyes by a large margin.
  • Damage Prevention: An overlooked but valuable advantage to a computer privacy screen is its added protection to your hardware. The screen physically adds a barrier, making it harder to scratch and break the monitor. Forget about smudges and fingerprints because the screens provide easier and less frequent cleaning. Some of them, depending on the brand, even have fall protection to ensure no cracks occur in case you drop your device.


According to a joint study between Ponemon and 3M, 91% of visual hacking is successful. Therefore, if you work with sensitive information, you should consider a computer privacy screen. From data protection to toddler proofing, a computer privacy screen is well worth the purchase.

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