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WannaCry, a new strain of ransomware, is attacking PCs around the world. The ransomware affected businesses and government agencies in more than 100 countries and attacked more than 200,000 systems.

What does the WannaCry ransomware do?

WannaCry enters through a vulnerability in the Windows operating system. Microsoft released the patch for the vulnerability back in March, but computers not updated with the fix are at risk. WannaCry will travel across corporate networks and into file-sharing systems. Once the ransomware infects the computer, it will encrypt all the files, blocking access for the user. Then, WannaCry will launch a screen demanding you pay a ransom of at least $300 in bitcoins to regain access to those files.

There is no software available on the market to decrypt files. Your business would need to have SwiftTech Solutions wipe out the entire computer, reinstall the operating system, and then transfer files from backups into the device.

How can I protect my business from WannaCry?

Make sure to implement robust security measures, as researchers are on the watch for more sophisticated WannaCry variantsOur Security as a Service can block these threats from your network with our cloud prevention, detection, and resolution services.

What does Security as a Service include?

  • Ransomware Protection: Filter out threats such as WannaCry or other variations
  • Email Security: Filters spam and threats before they reach your business network
  • Web Security: Tracks web browsing activities, including bandwidth use and downloads
  • Endpoint Protection: Provides anti-virus and anti-malware protection on company devices
  • Intrusion Management: Detects, manages, and reduces network intrusions based on security policy
  • Security Monitoring: Network Operations Center (NOC) will monitor systems around the clock

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