What is a Virtual CIO?


As mentioned in Creating a Business Technology Strategy, business technology initiatives tend to be a lower priority among CXO's in the boardroom. However, these projects should be considered a higher priority, since IT services affect employee productivity and company growth. An IT executive, such as a CIO, can bring in much needed IT expertise into the boardroom.

However, many small businesses cannot afford to hire a CIO full time. At best, they have an IT department that focuses solely on day-to-day operational tasks. A CIO will understand how to use technology to accomplish an organization's business objectives:

• Increase revenue
• Use technology more efficiently
• Acquire new customers
• Improve collaboration with colleagues and third parties
• Enter new markets
• Onboard new employees quicker
• Reduce capital and operating expenses

Fortunately, these small businesses can bring this expertise on board by hiring a CIO contractor, otherwise known as a virtual CIO. The virtual CIO can be hired on an as-needed basis by paying an hourly rate or subscribing to a monthly plan.

What does a virtual CIO do?

• Create a business technology strategy
• Create security and disaster plans
• Provide guidance on industry audits
• Analyze and rework business processes
• Develop policies and procedures
• Facilitate technology changes


• HR won't have to worry about hiring costs
• Can supplement an existing IT department
• Helps achieve a more competitive advantage in the marketplace
• Enables more informed decision making
• Significantly more economical than paying a full time staff member

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