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Evernote is the go-to note-taking software for many office workers since it helps users stay organized and productive. However, the software firm started using machine learning tools in late January 2017 and needs their employees to read your notes to improve these features.

Evernote uses these tools to improve note search, provide additional tips on using the software, and suggest features based on the way you are inputting your notes. However, the improvement in user experience may come at the expense of your privacy.

The update in the service sparked controversy among Evernote users across the web. In response, Evernote updated its privacy policy so that they require opt-in approval from each customer before allowing employees access to notes for machine learning purposes.

When can Evernote employees read your notes?

  • If they believe you are violating their Terms of Service
  • For software service troubleshooting and maintenance
  • If they feel it is necessary to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of Evernote and its users.
  • To comply with legal obligations, such as a warrant, court orders, subpoenas, or other government requests.

How can you use Evernote securely?

  • Opt out of allowing Evernote employees to read your notes for machine-learning purposes.
  • Use the software to store only non-private data, such as meeting notes and news articles from the internet.
  • You can select and encrypt text within a note, and then require a password to view the information. However, you cannot encrypt whole notes, images, and notebooks.
  • Most importantly, do not store your confidential data on the software, including client information, passwords, and financial statements. Instead, use enterprise-grade software that encrypts information in transit and at rest.
  • If you are not happy with your Evernote experience, you can export your data to another note-taking software program and deactivate your account.

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