CybersecurityFake Netflix email

Netflix watchers, be on the lookout. Cybercriminals are using fake Netflix emails to steal personal information from unsuspecting victims.

How do Netflix phishing attacks work?

  1. Cyberthieves will send out official-looking emails pretending to be Netflix. The emails will advise users to update their account information by clicking on a link.
  2. Next, the link will bring the victim to a phony Netflix login page. The victim will enter the login credentials. In turn, the site will send this information to cybercriminals.
  3. After logging in, the site will direct the victims to another form. It will ask them to enter their personal information, such as name, birth date, address, credit card information, and social security numbers. The form will send this information to the cybercriminals.
  4. Finally, the phony page will direct victims to the real home page.

Netflix states in its policy it will never ask for personal information by clicking on an email including:

  • Payment information (credit card number, debit card number, direct debit account, PIN, etc.)
  • Social security number or tax identification number
  • Your account password

How can you protect yourself from Netflix phishing attacks?

Exercise caution when responding to emails requesting personal information. If you receive this type of email claiming to be from Netflix:

  • Look at the sender’s email address. If it does not have the same URL as, such as, it is not a legitimate email.
  • If the email has numerous instances of improper spelling and grammar, it is certainly not from Netflix.
  • Do not click on email links for updating account information. Go directly to and sign in. Then, check for new notices on your account.
  • If you suspect a Netflix phishing email tricked you already, change the password on your account and contact Netflix immediately. Also, make sure to contact your bank and credit card companies to let them know about the theft of your personal information.

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