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● Comprehensive IT Assessment: SwiftTech will conduct a full audit of your IT systems, including searches for any vulnerabilities that require attention.

● Project Management: Our Project Managers will lead, organize, and manage your IT projects from start to finish.

● Operations Improvement: SwiftTech will analyze your business practices and find the best methods for improving workflow and communications.

● Risk Management and Governance: SwiftTech will manage risk by helping your business create a business continuity plan, develop policies and procedures for technology use, and provide support for industry data security compliance standards (HIPAA, PCI, and SOX).

● Infrastructure Design: SwiftTech will create a technology roadmap that will sustain repeatable service levels and save thousands in maintenance.

● Vendor Selection: SwiftTech will assist your business with choosing the most suitable and cost-effective technology solutions available.


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If you want to use technology to run a more profitable and competitive business, ask us about our Orange County IT Consulting. SwiftTech Solutions will help your business realize its growth potential by aligning technology with your business goals. Our highly-certified Chief Information Officers (CIOs) will provide crucial executive IT leadership by ensuring projects are delivered to your specifications. Let us help you with IT Consulting, Orange County IT Support Services.



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Our technicians are certifed by IT industry leaders, such as Microsoft, Dell, and VMware


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