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Your IT assets, such as your email, applications, server, and desktop computers, are no longer confined to a single local device. Cloud computing allows you to access these programs by logging into a web portal. Your workers will be able to access the resources they need on any device from any location. Plus, your IT systems will benefit from increased maintenance and faster response to issues that may arise.

Interested? SwiftTech Solutions offers these cloud services:



Managed Web Hosting

Get top-of-the-line internet, e-mail, and website services without buying, housing, and maintaining your own servers.

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Cloud Productivity

Access workplace applications on the cloud anywhere on your desktop, smartphone, and tablet.

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File Management Systems

Get the convenience of anywhere file management combined with powerful security.

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Infrastructure as a Service

Virtualize your servers, storage, networking devices, and more to a cloud infrastructure.

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Desktop as a Service

Get consistent access to your work computer desktop on any device.

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Backup as a Service

Protect your IT systems with regular backups and robust security measures.

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Security as a Service

Defend your business from online threats with our cloud security service.

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Application Hosting Services

Host your application on our servers and make it available over the internet.

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