Security as a Service

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Managed IT Security Services

SwiftTech Solutions offers a Security as a Service category to help organizations approach IT security in a layered manner. By breaking down security into specific services, our team can help identify and mitigate risk for our clients. In addition to our standard security offerings, we also provide vulnerability scanning and penetration testing to help clients identify any potential weak points in their systems. Our team is always up to date on the latest threats and how to best protect against them, so you can rest assured your data is safe with SwiftTech Solutions.

Security as a Service

Security as a Service Add-Ons:

Managed Perimeter Threat Protection

Our Managed Perimeter Threat Protection (MPTP) service can help businesses by protecting them from malicious websites and email phishing, plus improving their web browsing experience. The service can block access to known malicious websites, which can protect businesses from malware and other online threats.

Managed Endpoint Protection

Managed Endpoint Protection (MEP) is a service that provides businesses with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered protection from cyber threats. The AI capabilities in MEP allow for real-time analysis of data, which helps to identify and mitigate threats quickly. Additionally, the machine learning algorithms in MEP constantly update with the latest threat information, so businesses can be confident that their systems are protected against the latest threats. Learn more about our Managed Endpoint Protection Security Services.

Advanced Managed Endpoint Protection

Advanced Managed Endpoint Protection (AMEP) Addon integrates industry-leading machine learning, cloud-scanner, and sandbox analyzer to detect activity that evades traditional endpoint prevention mechanisms. Enhanced threat detection and visibility that enables the strengths of XDR for protecting endpoints. Comprehensive search capabilities for specific indicators of compromise (IoCs), MITRE ATT&CK techniques, and other artifacts to discover early-stage attacks.

Managed Email Security

Secure your on-premises email systems by filtering spam, viruses, and malware.

Email Encryption

Protect the privacy of your email communications by encrypting data from end to end.

Data Encryption

Mitigate hacking risks and meet compliance requirements by encrypting data on your devices.

Credential Management

Credential Management

Employee Security Training

Employee Security Training

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Protect Against:

Malicious insiders


Social Engineering



Trojan Virus





Ransomware and extortion attacks

Computer Worm



Data breaches

Malicious Code

Regulatory Compliance

policies and procedures


restore from snapshots

Data Loss

disaster recovery

Advanced persistent threats (APTs)


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