Business Technology AnalysisUsing Digital Signage to Improve Employee Morale

The office environment changed drastically over the last few years, especially since many employees are now working from home. However, for those who still work from an office, the workplace environment is much more important than ever. Low employee morale can lead to a stressed-out, cynical, detached, and unproductive workforce. As more employees return to the office, organizations everywhere are struggling to keep their employees engaged. Digital signage can not only improve team spirit but also boost company performance and customer experience.

The use of digital signage has been around for years, usually in retail locations. However, the pandemic led to its use in office spaces. Businesses can use digital signage in the office to facilitate safety, hygiene, and social distancing. Companies will need to implement new standards and technologies to ensure employees experience a comfortable and hygienic office. Make sure that workers feel protected by using interactive signs to inform them about sanitation protocols, room capacity limits, and wellness programs. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, wellness programs can improve morale and increase productivity. If your organization offers wellness programs, workers must be well-informed about them. Therefore, an eye-catching digital sign is a terrific way to accomplish this.

Digital signage can inspire a sense of fun and togetherness while facilitating a productive environment. Interactive and aesthetic signs can display customer feedback plus broad questions and answers from the HR team. Also, modern digital signage can achieve a feeling of community by showing off personal employee achievements and birthdays. Furthermore, businesses can reduce the risk of employee burnout with a digital slideshow presentation of a company outing or a virtual calendar with upcoming events. In addition, productivity is vital to an organization’s performance. A Harvard Business School report on employee productivity confirms this by stating that, “…having a highly engaged workforce not only maximizes a company’s investment in human capital and improves productivity, but it can also significantly reduce costs, such as turnover, that directly impact the bottom line.”

By implementing digital signage, your company should experience new levels of cooperation and productivity. Helping your employees feel like they are having a unique experience and that your business appreciates them should improve morale.

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