CybersecurityThe Dangers of Using Personal Devices for Business

More people today are dependent on their smartphones, with many of them using their devices for work. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Samsung conducted a study about the use of cell phones in the workplace. Of the 1,205 workers the organization interviewed, 93% of them reported using their smartphones for work every day. Since the completion of the study, hybrid and remote work increased, which presents an alarming problem for businesses everywhere. Unmanaged cell phone use can lead to such dangers as unprotected data, stolen devices, lack of security updates, and use of unprotected networks.

Most users experienced a cyber breach in one form or another, whether it be a hacked account or an accidentally downloaded virus. According to a study at the University of Washington, the three riskiest behaviors you can do online are:

  • Use Google or Facebook to automatically log into an account
  • Use public Wi-Fi to check emails or banking accounts
  • Use the same device for personal and business use

Using a cell phone on an unprotected network (i.e., a network without a VPN) is dangerous because attackers can get easy access to devices and their confidential data. Even though home networks typically offer some type of protection, it is inferior to that of a company’s network protection. Furthermore, many employees access company applications or the corporate network from their phones, leaving those systems in jeopardy.

In a survey led by Avast, an antivirus company, they asked companies if they specifically requested their employees to not use their cell phones for work. A staggering 77% reported that they did not. This means that many businesses are lacking in the education and management of mobile device safety for their employees. As a result, many organizations are turning to Mobile Device Management as a solution.

Mobile Device Management is a security service used to manage, secure, and monitor all personal devices used by employees. Also, the service creates policies based on the company’s cybersecurity needs. Some of the roles include software distribution, security updates, inventory management, and policy management. This solution manages devices like laptops, phones, tablets, RF scanners, and more. Further, IT administrators can:

  • Allocate strict password requirements
  • Enable auto-backups of data regularly
  • Track device location in case of theft
  • Provide remote support to employees traveling or working from home

In conclusion, your company is at risk if your employees use unmanaged mobile devices for work. Implementing Mobile Device Management can help your business monitor and maintain your mobile devices constantly to keep your corporate network secure. SwiftTech Solutions’ Mobile Device Management includes a mobility assessment, expert recommendations, integration with IT systems, onboarding, and much more. For more information, contact us at or 877-794-3811.