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As the crisis with COVID-19 quickly escalates, SwiftTech Solutions can help set up your employees for work at home (if their duties allow).

What are potential business problems related to COVID-19?

  • Losing key employees because they are sick, need to care for children who are out of school, or returning from a high-risk country like China or Italy.
  • A higher risk of employees, customers, and contractors infecting each other.
  • An influx of coronavirus-related phishing emails.
  • Delay in receiving materials from the supply chain, especially from China.

During the COVID-19 shutdowns, the federal government recommended keeping gatherings to fewer than 10 people to prevent COVID-19 from spreading further. Furthermore, they asked people to work from home and home-school their children.

How can you help employees prepare to work out of the office?

  • Review this blog for setting up your physical and virtual work-at-home space.
  • Review this blog for setting up a safe home network for accessing work tools.
  • If you are having problems with your internet, close unneeded tabs. If that does not work, restart your router. If all else fails, call your internet service provider.
  • Watch out for COVID-19/Coronavirus phishing emails, especially ones pretending to be from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Go directly to the CDC website for coronavirus-related updates.
  • Ask us to set up remote access tools such as Microsoft 365, Digital Workspaces, and VPN. Email or call 877-794-3811 for more details.

If you are an existing client in need of tech support, email or call 877-794-3811. We can remote into devices and fix the most common IT issues. Otherwise, if you are reaching out to us for the first time, contact us at