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If your business has an in-house IT department, your technicians might be spending too much time repairing existing technology systems. Some of the employee issues in-house technicians are busy with include password resets, changing Outlook addresses, not being able to open a Microsoft Word document, telling them how to access voicemail, and much more. Unfortunately, when your higher-level technicians are busy with basic customer support issues an entry-level worker can fix, they are not spending time on technology that grows your business. However, hiring additional IT staff is costly since they require salary plus benefits. If this scenario sounds familiar, you should consider using an outsourced IT helpdesk department.

How does an outsourced IT helpdesk service work?

An outsourced IT helpdesk service will first examine the hardware and software your company has and choose which ones to service. Then, the helpdesk service and your IT department will develop a list of frequently asked questions and document them into a knowledge base system. Afterward, the IT helpdesk service will set up several layers of prioritization, depending on the issues your employees typically encounter. If the issue requires onsite support, the IT helpdesk service will contact your designated IT administrator. Finally, the IT helpdesk service will set up a phone number for your users to call, whether it is assigning the helpdesk an office extension or creating a toll-free number.

What are the benefits of an outsourced IT helpdesk service?

  • Lower-level issues will be delegated:  The outsourced IT helpdesk service will be the first point of contact for your employees. Level 1 and 2 technicians will work on resolving simple technical support functions, such as basic troubleshooting, software setup, and navigating around office applications. If an issue requires a higher level and/or onsite support, the helpdesk service will send the request to your company’s IT department.
  • Lower costs of running IT services:  With an IT helpdesk service, you can get access to a full staff of IT technicians at a fixed monthly payment. Your company will not be responsible for the benefits (Medical, vacation days, etc.), overhead, equipment expenses, training, and certifications. This responsibility would belong to the IT helpdesk service.
  • Increased productivity: Your employees will not have to wait for your busy System Administrator to become available. They will be able to contact a Help Desk Representative and have the problem resolved quickly so they can get back to their duties.
  • Access to new IT skill sets:  Your IT helpdesk will typically have the experience of operating as the IT department for many companies. These front-line technicians will already have the knowledge and flexibility to solve a wide variety of employee technical issues. The IT helpdesk can become a rich resource of technical knowledge your employees can rely on.

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